Easy achievements in Minecraft guide

02. 02. 2023

Easy achievements in Minecraft guide

Advancements are a fun feature in Minecraft that encourage players to achieve specific goals. These tasks provide Minecraft gamers with an incentive to continue the story in their survival worlds.

Vanilla Minecraft allows for many Advancements. These are difficult to achieve because of the wide range of options, but others are easy.

Only the most advanced players can complete all the Minecraft Advancements. It's one thing to defeat the ender dragon, but it's quite another to complete every Minecraft Advancement.

Many Advancements can be completed in a matter of minutes after spawning into a new Minecraft environment.

The simplest Minecraft Advancements you can achieve

1) Sweet Dreams

Once a player has slept in a bed for the very first time, they can achieve the Sweet Dreams Advancement. The Advancement does not require a complete night of sleep. Instead, the player must lie down on a bed in order to attain it.

Sweet Dreams is easy to make. To make a bed, you will need three pieces wool and three pieces wood. Some players are able to find a village with many beds early in their careers.

2) Monster Hunter

A player must kill a neutral or hostile mob in order to complete the Monster Hunter Advancement. This can be achieved by entering a cave, where hostile mobs are waiting in the darkness or during the first night fall, when creepers, spiders and skeletons start spawning.

Monster Hunter is easy to attain because of the common hostile mobs.

3) Upgrade

A Minecraft player can get an upgrade by making a stone pickaxe. It is often the first thing players do when they enter a new world. This makes it extremely easy.

A player must first make a wooden pickaxe in order to mine the necessary stone to create a stone pickaxe. As the name implies, the tool upgrade is given to the player.

To complete the achievement of Getting an Upgrade, players don't need to have a wooden pickaxe. When a Stone Pickaxe is added to their inventory for the first-time, gamers automatically get a Getting an upgrade.

4) Stone Age

Stone Age is achieved when a player has collected stone for the first-time. This Advancement is achieved by placing cobblestone, blackstone, or cobbled deepslate in your inventory.

One of the most straightforward of all is the Stone Age Advancement. Without collecting stone, players will not be able to progress in their worlds. Therefore, obtaining the material is almost always the first thing a player does.

5) Minecraft

This Advancement is so simple that it shares a name. When a player places a crafting tablet in their inventory, the Advancement Minecraft is completed.

A crafting table requires only four wood planks and is the easiest item to create in Minecraft. Wood is easy to find. Wood can be easily broken from trees with a single player's hand.

One log of wood can be quickly transformed into a crafting table. Four planks are required for each log. Most players complete the Minecraft Advancement within seconds of spawning.

Although there are many other Advancements in Minecraft, they are not difficult to complete.