Minecraft nether star guide

01. 27. 2023

Minecraft nether star guide

The Nether Star, one of the most rare and difficult items in Minecraft, is a rare and extremely hard item to obtain. The only way to obtain this magical item is by defeating the Wither, a very powerful mob. Although it is difficult to get the item, there is an easy and clever way to obtain the Nether Star.

The Nether Star is a powerful weapon that can only made with a Beacon. The Beacon grants powerful effects to players who are within its vicinity.

These beacons can be used to help players run faster, mine faster, fight harder, recover their health, and many other things.

How to get Nether Star in Minecraft

The Wither is the second boss mob after Ender Dragon and can only be obtained Nether Stars. The Nether Star doesn't naturally spawn, so players must summon it manually. Although Wither is more powerful and dangerous than the Ender Dragon it is still possible to defeat the boss mob and get the Nether Star.

Minecraft Bedrock trap to kill the Wither

With the help of four soul sand blocks and three wither skulls, you can summon wither manually. The boss mob explodes when it spawns and completely destroys everything around it. Wither then shoots explosive wither skulls at the players.

Although the Wither is able to break through most blocks, there are some blocks that Minecraft's boss mob can't destroy, such as bedrock. The strongest block in Minecraft is bedrock. If players trap Wither inside bedrock blocks it becomes invulnerable.

You can get a Nether star in Minecraft by trapping the Wither under bedrock blocks and then killing it. To effectively trap and kill the mob, players can create a Wither under the End Island bedrock fountain.

Wither can only drop one Nether Star. This trick can be repeated to gather more Nether Stars and make many Beacons.