Top new features coming to minecraft

01. 01. 2023

Top new features coming to minecraft

Mojang's innovative Minecraft updates have always been a surprise to players. They include new biomes and mobs as well as new items. They have revived the sandbox survival game with the Caves and Cliffs updates. The Wild update will add more excitement to the game.

It is difficult to predict what Mojang will bring next, as there are many possibilities. We do know what's in store for players with the next update. Mojang provided a glimpse at the Minecraft Live 2021 event to the community.

5) Allay

The Wild Update will bring the Allay, an adorable and helpful mob. The Allay was chosen from a group possible new mobs that were submitted by players during the Minecraft Live event. This adorable mob can grab items dropped on the ground and bring them back to the player. The mob will drop its stacks if the player places a block of notes.

4) Mangrove Swamps

Mangrove Swamps, a new biome type that will soon be available, will have mangrove trees and new blocks. It will be home to firefly mobs and frogs, adding an extra wild and boggy element to the game.

3) Place your chest in the boat

This feature is very much anticipated by the community. In order to move many items across water bodies in one go, players will soon be able load chests onto boats. This feature was rejected at a Minecraft Live event. However, Mojang plans to make it permanent.

2) Deep Dark Biome

The Wild Update will introduce a new biome to complement the Mangrove Swamp. The Deep Dark biome, as its name implies, will be found deep within caves. It will have mysterious sculk block and a terrifying new mob. Mojang claims that this biome will have new types of valuable loot and chests with strong loot.

1) The Warden

The Warden, one the most fearsome mobs in the game, is perhaps the most anticipated addition to the game. Unique in its ability to locate players using sound and smell, this intimidating blind mob is extremely dangerous. It is also believed to be the most powerful mob in the game, capable even of killing players wearing netherite armor.