Totem of undying Guide

12. 30. 2022

Totem of undying Guide

The otems or Undying are the most valuable item Minecraft players have access to. These are the only way to cheat death and can be used in both regular worlds and PVP worlds.

Although they can be difficult to find and must be used in a specific way to work, they are well worth it. Here are some tips to help you find and use them.

These items can only be obtained by Minecraft players at the moment through mob drops. An Evoker is the only mob capable of dropping a Totem of Undying. They can be found in raids on Hard or Normal difficulty or in Woodland Mansions. If players can kill them, they drop at a rate of 100%.

One Totem of Undying may only be used at one time. For a brief time, one Totem of Undying can be used to protect the user from death.

Only one way can you properly use a totem of undying. It will not work with any inventory slot so players cannot just keep one on their person and expect it work. It must be in the player's hand.

It is helpful to have it in your main inventory row. However, death can often come too quickly for players to switch over to the Totem of Undying fast enough to stop it. It is best to keep it in your off hand so you don't die.

It will replace the map and arrows that players normally have in this slot. However, the tradeoff is likely worth it. It will be gone after it is used so players will have to get another one.